Easy office routine

Our goal is to make your paper work easy.
And moreover, we can help you find some free time for real business.

Are you tired of formatting the corporate documents to look professional?
Do not have time to develop your idea because of heaps of emails every 5 minute?
Entrust all administration to a virtual assistant and make the routine easy and simple. My experience involves working for companies in different spheres and performing various tasks. I value challenging work with the necessity to prioritise and adhere to deadlines. I have a passionate "can-do" attitude to everything I am doing.
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Things I Can Do

If you want to save up your time for greater ideas and business development and do not want to deal with all these papers and browse websites, just drop me a line and we together will find the best solution for you and your business.

  • Data Entry
  • Email inbox and Diary management
  • Travel research and itinerary
  • Meeting preparation
  • Translations
  • Proof-reading and formatting

My portfolio

Simplifying your business trips

Going to a business trip? Make it enjoyable!
Let's find the best solutions to schedule all the meetings and appointment, find the best accomodation and transport.
Travel checklist for free.

Making meetings productive

You want to organise a meeting with colleagues and customers? Or you have an idea of hosting an event?
Let's make sure you have planned everything and some back-up plans are at your hand.

Stand out with your website and promoting your business

You are just starting with a digital represenation of your business. Let's find and design a best-suited website for you. Planning of the website includes overview of the future content, website colour psychology and text formatting.
In addition to this we will create business cards, promotion posters and flyers with a design matching your website concept.

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Contact Me

Let us find the solution the most appropriate for your situation together. Just let me know your requirement and I will send you a no-obligation quote within one day.